Lots of things in the world right now can cause us to be angry. Things like

the coronavirus, siblings, other’s actions, teachers, etc. But, when we work

on controlling our anger, it’s a sign of maturity and growth.

Proverbs 25:28 says, “a man who does not control his temper is like a city

who’s walls are broken down.”

It’s ok to be angry at the devil; the things he has done, sickness he has

created, but don’t let your anger become uncontrollable. When we don’t

control our anger, we are allowing the enemy to succeed. And if we’re not

careful, we can allow the enemy to take our anger to a whole different level.

Like turning the small situations into bigger unmanageable situations.

When you stay in anger, you start to focus on you. Then anger turns to

wrath. When we give in, we focus on ourselves.

“The Bible says human anger can be sinful. We can get mad or angry, but

we must not nurture that anger. When we cannot get past what makes us

angry, and we stay in that state for a while, it starts ruining our thoughts, it

changes our mood, it turns a good day into a bad day, and it can even start

to ruin our relationships.” (Quote from New Life New Way/You Version).

We need to not give in to anger. The way something stays alive is by

nurturing it. If we feed into anger, it will stay but even worse, it will grow. We

need to let God work in us, ask for wisdom, and pray.


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