See A Victory Day 1: Knowing Your Authority

It’s hard to deal with the events in our world right now, even harder because we pretty much can’t leave our houses. The worldwide pandemic known as Covid-19 has taken the world by surprise and caused a widespread panic that seems to only be getting worse. Although our generation is very safe from the Coronavirus, it is still daunting and the panic is still real among us.

Many say that Covid-19 will no longer be a major issue in a few months- yet the panic is tangible.

So why? Why such panic among a young generation concerning something that could die down relatively soon?

For one, our generation has never seen a crisis like this before. When 9/11 took place, we were at oldest infants.

But the real answer lies within scripture: “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23 NKJV). It’s natural to panic in situations like the ones we’re facing. It’s human nature. But human nature doesn’t define Gen78. Gen78 is defined by Christ. Gen78 is defined by what God tells them they are, who He calls them to be, and what He says. After all, listening to the Creator of the universe and the Savior of the world makes more sense than listening to the reporters we see on the news app. And in case you were wondering, God says that Covid-19 has no authority over Gen78.

Stand up! Be fearless! We are children of the most high God, the Creator and Sustainer of life. Stop cowering in fear just because everyone around you is. It’s time to be bold and be empowered!

When I see the events around us, I’m reminded of Gideon’s story. Gideon was called to stand up and be a warrior. The odds of him and his men winning were low humanly speaking, but God spoke differently. Judges 7:15 reads, “And so it was, when Gideon heard the telling of the dream and its interpretation, that he worshipped. He returned to the camp of Israel,

and said, ‘Arise, for the Lord has delivered the camp of Midian into your hand.’”

I’m not saying that precautions aren’t necessary. Be safe. Be careful. Follow basic instructions such as washing your hands and not coughing on everyone and their mom. But don’t let Covid-19 or any other concern in your life determine how you’re going to live it. God’s already got the victory.

Related Scripture: Romans 3:23 Judges 7:15 Judges 7 Judges 6-8


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